Candy CRUSH – Healthy Living for Families

OK so I found something out recently that SHOCKED me and I personally want to do something to help. So my friend Shay and I have teamed together to create something GREAT.

What I found out is this:

The average child only consumes 2 portions of fruit and veg per day……. That’s just the average, some kid’s are getting LESS.

What if I told you the most popular fruit and veg consumed by children is potatoes and tomatoes……. and the way it is consumed……. FRIES and KETCHUP!!!

FRIES and KETCHUP are the portions of fruit and veg kids are getting!! This is a FACT, a SCARY fact.

What this means:

– Children have a shorter life expectancy than their parents
– The number of overweight children has TREBLED
– 1 in 5 kids are OBESE

Shay and I have created something FUN, to encourage and inspire children to eat healthy food with this FREE 7 day group.

All kids involved get a reward chart, certificate and LOTS of fun activities that can be done from home.

AND we’ll be sharing FAMILY FRIENDLY recipes that make healthy eating FUN and DELICIOUS.

Is it possible that we can CHANGE these behaviours and statistics??? YES 100%, we can do this.

If you have kid’s and want to join, comment below or contact me on Facebook.  We start on SUNDAY 🙂 


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