Clean Week – 7 day fitness & nutrition plan

This week I’ve been doing Clean Week, and I absolutely LOVED it. I’ve made this short video, which is a roundup of my week in workouts and food, it should give you a glimpse of what to expect if you decide to try this plan:

This is a 7 day program which is designed to help you kick-start healthy habits that get real results and can lead to a lifestyle change that sticks. Sounds good right? Well believe me it is and here’s my results to prove it:

7 day transformation stacey hogan

I actually could not believe the difference when I first saw these photos, I mean in 7 days and to say that I never felt hungry or deprived. I ate carbs every single day 🙂

This program is for you if:

  • You’re new to fitness
  • You’re looking for a short program
  • You like easy to make meals that can be prepped in advance

Interested in give it a try yourself? Join my FREE Facebook group to get all the details 🙂

Love from Stacey xx


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