Stacey Hogan - Protein Brownies

Death By Chocolate Protein Brownies

Introducing my death by CHOCOLATE protein brownies 😍😍😍 they are totally blissful, no seriously they are. They're made from raw cacao which contains anandamide (the mood improver, also know as the bliss molecule, as it creates a feeling of euphoria). Cacao also boosts brain levels of serotonin (the feel good brain chemical) and is an … Continue reading Death By Chocolate Protein Brownies

Stacey Hogan - Protein Mars Bars

Protein Mars Bar

The.Best.Chocolate.Bar.Ever!!! Literally so proud of this - it tastes AMAZING and its FULL of protein (there's 15g in one small bar) would you like one? 😍😘🍫 If you do make any of my recipes, please tag me in your posts on Instagram I’d love to see your creations and use the hashtags #staceyhogan #happyandhealthy Ingredients (makes 6): … Continue reading Protein Mars Bar

Stacey Hogan - protein bars

Banoffee Protein Bars

WHEY too delicious to share - banoffee bars containing 19g protein and only 3g carbs 😍😍 They contain walnuts, which are super rich in nutrition. Contrary to what people believe, they can aid in weight management as they provide satiety. They also contain melatonin, which induces sleep 😴 and biotin which help strengthen the hair … Continue reading Banoffee Protein Bars