Superfood Quinoa & Rocket Salad

This superfood salad makes a super speedy lunch and you can make make in bulk and store in the fridge, so it’s perfect for take to work lunching.

I love to use apple cider vinegar for my salad dressing, but if you prefer you can also use olive oil or lemon juice.

Did you know the quinoa is one of the few plant based foods that contains all 9 essential amino acids? It’s so full of nutrition, and incredibly tasty. It contains twice as much fibre as most other grains, it’s gluten free, it’s an excellent source of plant based protein (particularly for vegans and vegetarians), it has a low glycemic index, which is good for blood sugar control and it contains important minerals like iron and magnesium.

If you do make this delicious salad, please tag me in your posts on Instagram I’d love to see your creations and use the hashtags #staceyhogan #happyandhealthy

Stacey Hogan Superfood Salad

Ingredients (serves 1):

70g rocket
40g sugarsnap peas
1/4 beetroot, grated
1/2 carrot, grated
50g edamame beans
50g quinoa
1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar


  1. Bring a pan of water to the boil, add in the quinoa, simmer for 15 minutes.
  2. Once the quinoa is cooked, drain then add to a large bowl.
  3. Add in the rest of the ingredient, mix well, and then serve.

Love from Stacey.

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