Stacey Hogan Smashed Potatoes Pesto

Smashed Pesto Potatoes

This is definitely a smash hit!! 😍 It's the most amazing potatoes I've ever had. If food lacks colour, then it lacks nutrients, right??? NOT in the case of potatoes. They're high in potassium, fibre, vitamin b6, vitamin c and magnesium. They even have more potassium than bananas! One medium potato with skin provides 18% of … Continue reading Smashed Pesto Potatoes

Stacey HOGAN healthy beetroot pizza

Healthy Beetroot Pesto Pizza

So I have a little bit of a confession to make....... I had pizza for breakfast this week 🙈! Healthy beetroot pizza though, and it was DELICIOUS!! I'm literally obsessed with the combination of beetroot and feta - it's a match made in heaven, and my homemade pesto - Oh.My.Days, ridiculously tasty. Basil has sooooo … Continue reading Healthy Beetroot Pesto Pizza

Stacey Hogan Healthy Raw Carrot Cookies

Healthy Raw Carrot Cookies

OH.MY.DAYS new snack obsession alert - a healthy and raw biscuit made from fruit and veggies with a delicious cacao topping! I usually use coconut oil to make my chocolate sauce but I'd run out so experimented with ghee and it was AMAZING! Does anyone use ghee instead of butter? It contains medium-chain fatty acids, … Continue reading Healthy Raw Carrot Cookies

Stacey Hogan SPiced Chickpea Crispies

Healthy Spiced Chickpea Crispies

Do you have an un-healthy obsession with crips/chips? Let me help you with that....... These delicious chickpea crispies make a tasty and nutritious snack, or add them to soups and salads to add a nutritious crunch (I add mine to everything, check out my beet hummus breakfast) I've used dried chickpeas to make mine, but … Continue reading Healthy Spiced Chickpea Crispies

Stacey Hogan - Healthy Raw Carrot Cake Bars

Healthy Raw Carrot Cake Bars

Who loves carrot cake? It's definitely my favourite type of cake, so I'm ecstatic to have created a healthy and delicious version of it. I was making myself some carrot juice  and always find it's such a waste to throw away all the pulp, so I decided to experiment with it.......Enter my healthy and nutritious … Continue reading Healthy Raw Carrot Cake Bars

Stacey Hogan Simple food swaps - movie night snacking

5 simple swaps to eat your way to a happy & healthy lifestyle

Do you want to turn your meals into a delicious goldmine of nutrition? There are so many healthy food swaps to add nutrition to meals or to ensure your meals are vegan, gluten free or sugar free. I’ve listed my top 5 store cupboard essentials to eat your way to a happy and healthy lifestyle. … Continue reading 5 simple swaps to eat your way to a happy & healthy lifestyle

Healthy ‘Cheese Free’ Mac & Cheese

Healthy Mac & Cheese. Does anyone cook with nutritional yeast? You can get it in Holland & Barrett for about £3 for a large tub, which lasts ages. It's great for adding a cheesy flavour to dishes (without adding any cheese) and it's high in fibre, a good source of protein and vitamins, gluten-free and … Continue reading Healthy ‘Cheese Free’ Mac & Cheese

Stacey Hogan Lemon Bliss Balls

Lemon Bliss Balls

Lemon Bliss Balls I absolutely LOVE bliss balls/energy balls/date balls - or whatever you want to call them. I make some variation of them every week (my favourite flavour has been salted caramel for the past few weeks, but now we have some pretty steep competition.......) Enter my lemon bliss balls. I had a request … Continue reading Lemon Bliss Balls